Ignite the Conversation.
Influence the Decision.
Create the Impact.

We are often asked what our name means.
It is a tribute to our roots.

The nutgraf is a journalism term
for a paragraph that sums up
a story in a nutshell.

Founded by three Singaporean journalists, we take pride as storytellers in our content-first approach to strategy and activation. We capture your message succinctly, and create original content that will lead to business growth and greater brand value.


So here’s our nutgraf:

The Nutgraf is an award-winning strategic content and communications agency that positions brands as thought leaders by sparking conversations, sharing insights, and shaping perceptions. For almost a decade, we have helped businesses and individuals achieve their goals by creating strong narratives and campaigns that not only reach, but also resonate with their audiences. We do so with warmth, wit, and a dash of swag.

Our Work

Our Edge


We are masters of our craft.

Not just in playing pool, but also in creating compelling content and strategic communication campaigns. We never stop honing our craft to offer ideas, insights, and impact to your business and brands.

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We are trusted.

Over a hundred brands and personalities have trusted us with their stories, including prominent political figures and titans of industry. Trust us, we have the projects – and photos – as proof.


We are nuts about quality.

It is not every day that we go on TV. Our original content and campaigns go beyond creating thought leaders and value for brands – it also gets us recognised for our quality work in the media.

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