We tell stories that matter.
Let us tell yours.

For almost a decade, we have served over 100 clients in the region, working closely with them to craft real stories and solutions to achieve their long-term goals.

From branding to public relations, content writing to social media, we use a content-first approach to discover – and deliver – your narrative to your audience. After all, the pen (and laptop) is mightier than the sword in the content and communications battleground.

There’s no one-size-fits-all recipe to success, but we’d like to think that we’ve honed a pretty reliable strategy over the years. Our typical journey with our clients spans three key areas: strategic planning, content development, and activation.


Who plans, wins. The success of any campaign hinges on a rock-solid strategy. We create bespoke branding and communications strategies that spark growth by inspiring people, winning mindshare, and setting you apart from your competitors.

We are storytellers by trade and by instinct. Our seasoned, full-time team is well-versed in telling any story, or creating an end-to-end content strategy, for all your communication channels, be it digital content hubs, social media, or even print media.

We start by understanding and defining your goals, audience, and voice, before using SEO-driven research and decades of journalistic experience to curate and create relevant content that will get your brand message across, one that will captivate and resonate with your audience.

How we do it:


We conduct a content audit and review clients' data analytics reports to understand their audience and what drives them

Content Goals

To align on brand goals, business objectives and the target audience

Brand Voice

To discover and develop a consistent brand voice with a clear personality and tone of voice that sets you apart from your competitors

Content Themes

Develop content pillars and key messages that resonate with your audience

Content Activation

Identify the best channels to reach your audience and determine a content calendar

Measure Performance

Track your success with timely reports and reviews

Our case studies:

A powerful message means nothing if it falls on deaf ears. We provide strategic counsel to make sure your voice gets heard, sharing our expertise to help you realise full-fledged, national-level communications campaigns that will reach the right audience and pack just the right punch.

How we do it:

Kickoff Meeting

To understand and align with all stakeholders on the campaign goals


Study of client brand positioning and public opinions

Strategy Review

To evaluate current strategy and identify new opportunities or challenges


To recommend new opportunities for clients to meet business goals in light of emerging trends

Stakeholder Alignment

To manage stakeholders' expectations and goals and help them to align to new strategies

Our case studies:

Cultivating brand love starts from creating a strong, distinct, and consistent brand identity. We offer direction on how to articulate a unique brand vision, voice, and visual identity that strikes a chord with your stakeholders. In other words, we help you dress to impress – and dress for success.

How we do it:

Brand Audit

Comprehensive review of the brand across online media, social media, product offerings and touch points to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities


Market research using data analytics and old-fashioned research to analyse competitors

Brand Discovery and Development

Conduct workshops with key stakeholders to discover brand essence and development a strong brand identity

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Outline a brand strategy that clearly differentiates you from the rest and positions you for maximum impact

Brand Guide

Comprehensive brand guide, or playbook, that outlines your brand story, promise, mission, vision, voice, visual identity, personality and so on...

Our case studies:


We know that empty words destroy credibility, which is why content is king at The Nutgraf. With original, insightful, and data-driven content, our content strategists create quality narratives that cut through the noise in today’s media landscape, shaping perspectives and conversations.

Writing is our bread and butter. Profile features, event coverage articles, annual reports, white papers, opinion pieces – we have done it all. We have amassed a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of topics – anything from politics, to finance, to the environment – from the in-depth research we do before embarking on every piece. Our ultimate goal? To sound like an expert on every serious topic under the sun without sounding stuffy at all.

What we do:

Profile Features

We cover the stories of your clients, employees, and partners to highlight the faces behind your brand

Event Coverage Articles

We turn into your private newsroom to help you cover key events in your calendar

Annual Reports & Whitepapers

We produce comprehensive, high-quality reports to meet your goals, be it an overview of your company's annual performance or to present your expert perspective on a specific subject

Opinion Pieces

Through interviews and research, we help you pen op-ed pieces to help you change perceptions and shape conversations

Trend Stories

We conduct in-depth research into current trends and distill them into timely, coherent pieces to be consumed by the layperson

Our case studies:

As a popular TV character from The Office once said: “Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?” We concur. When it comes to succinct social media posts, email marketing, or website copies, we make every word count.

What we do:

Social Media Copy

Jazz up your social media accounts with short copy that catches eyeballs and interests your readers

Website Copy

We create clear and colourful writing for your website, backed with SEO insights to ensure your voice gets heard

EDMs (Electronic Direct Marketing)

Cut through the clutter and be heard with witty subject lines and crisp writing


Bring key information to life with compelling visuals and animated graphics

Our case studies:

The minds of industry leaders hold galaxies of valuable insights — we are simply here to bring them down to earth. We do so by breaking down and understanding your ideas, researching the industry, and developing thoughtful, coherent pieces that fill in the gaps in existing conversations, all without losing your unique personality and quirks. Where the finished product goes next is up to you – post it on your personal LinkedIn page or website, or get us to help you pitch it to the mainstream media and get it published.

How we do it:

Content Goals

Identify key objectives and audiences that you want to reach out to

Social Voice

Shape your tone of voice in discussing issues close to your heart

Content Pillars and Calendar

Discover the key topics that will resonate with your audience and establish a rhythm for producing content

Interviews & Copywriting

Our seasoned journalists will sit down with you for a 60–90min interview to glean your insights and write a compelling thought leadership piece that captures your audience


Your thought leadership article will be published on your LinkedIn account, website, or pitched and placed in mainstream media

Our case studies:

Writing requires speed, stamina, and skill – especially when it comes to full-length books. As seasoned writers, we have all three qualities, and more. We are able to identify which stories are worth telling, come up with a fresh angle, and produce a coherent, compelling narrative that sells. The entire journey can take one year on average, but we’re with you all the way till the finish line.

Our portfolio includes trade and commercial books, memoirs and biographies, coffee table books, commemorative books, and children’s literature. If you require more than just writing, rest assured that we are reliable publishers too.

How we do it:


We do a comprehesive review of news, archives and clients' artefacts to understand the subject

Content Outline

A preliminary content outline is drawn-up to establish the key cornerstones of the book


We conduct extensive interviews to glean original insights and stories

Manuscript Writing

We develop a compelling manuscript over the course of a year, chapter by chapter


Rigorous rounds of checks ensure a quality manuscript

Design and Layout

A strong design concept is developed for the book cover and manuscript to tell the story visually and powerfully


More checks after the manuscript is laid out to ensure there are minimal typos, alignment issues or page errors.


We work with our trusted printers to ensure your books are printed correctly, and on time

Distribution & Marketing

Establish sales or distribution channels and get the word out about your book through social media, mainstream media and influencers.

Our case studies:

A successful campaign takes all hands on deck. Adopting a content-first approach, our team works together seamlessly to create content campaigns that are informative, innovative, and influential across all channels, including the saturated social media landscape. We balance rigorous research and insights with more than a little dose of creativity and wit, ensuring that you get your message out to your audience within your campaign timeline.

How we do it:

Content Goals

Define your objectives and key measures of success

Content Personas and Channels

Identify your target audience and optimal channels to reach them

Themes, Voice, and Visual Style

Build your brand voice, content pillars, and content aesthetic

Content Creation

Get the magic started with copywriting, design, photography, and video production.


Amplify content through owned, paid, and earned media

Performance Measurement

Track and boost peformance through regular social media and media monitoring

Our case studies:

We’re a one-stop shop for content — and that includes the realm of visual storytelling. With strong photography and design capabilities, we create and curate relevant, powerful visuals to amplify and complement our written content. We have also had our fair share in scripting and producing countless corporate videos, from commemorative videos to animated explainers.

How we do it:


We capture the essence of your story by identifying and developing a key storytelling concept.

Storyboard and Mood Boards

We flesh out the concept, craft scripts, and identify a visual aesthetic


We plan and prepare for the big day with the right team, equipment, venues, and props.


We execute the vision and make it come to life as we film, shoot, or design the story.


We piece video footage together, or edit photos and layouts, adding final touches to the product

Our case studies:

Even the most seasoned speakers can use a little backup. We write memorable scripts for speeches, opening addresses, and thought leadership podcasts that make a lasting impression.

How we do it:


We research into publicly available information as well as clients' owned data to make sure we have a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand

Content Outline

We recommend a content outline that captures the essence of your message and check back to ensure it aligns with your stakeholders

Speech or Script Writing

We put our skills to work in crafting something sharp and sweet


We sharpen your message through rounds of editing and proofreading

Our case studies:

Many moving parts go into staging a smooth-sailing exhibition. From conceptualising the exhibition flow, to producing exhibition collaterals like writeups and digital content, to designing interactive elements and activities, we’ve got you all covered from start to end.

How we do it:


Establish a clear narrative concept that speaks to your audience

Content Curation

Select and develop key stories appropriate for print, visual, and digital galleries

Exhibition Design

Design and build an interactive exhibition experience that maximises your space and resources

Audio Visual Design

Develop videos, music, and recordings that bring the galleries to life

Our case studies:

Storytelling may be a creative endeavour, but using a little bit of data can add just the touch of precision it needs. We first do a deep dive to understand your brand’s desired outcomes. Then, together with third-party research companies, we use AI-backed and SEO-driven insights to analyse them and create content that is fresh, relevant, and generates leads.

How we do it:

Set Content Goals

We listen to and refine your objectives, be it lead generation, engagement, or SEO goals

Review Data

Comprehensive analysis of clients' owned data

AI-Driven Social Media and Online Monitoring

With our research partner, we review daily reports to identify keywords, emerging trends and insights into your audience demographics

SEO Website Tracking

Track organic keywords, monthly traffic, domain score, backlinks, and trending SEO words and volume


Develop content that marries the art and science of writing using the insights from data analysis


Track and monitor performance and adjust strategy accordingly


You have a winning strategy and quality content – now it’s time to connect the dots. We’ll help you up your game across multiple touchpoints, so that audiences, internal or external, will know exactly who you are and what you stand for.

Good content is only half the battle won. The other half is getting it out into the world. We know how to amplify your content so that it creates impact and reaches its target audience, and we’re flexible enough to adjust our strategy on the fly if we have to.

How we do it:

Content Creation

Develop customised content for various targeted platforms to build strong communities around your brand

Content Management

Build a system to ensure that all your content is developed and managed efficiently through a clear calendar and workflow

Amplify Content

Don't just create content, make sure to amplify it through owned, earned, and paid media. And know when to "recycle" content at key moments to weigh in on social conversations

Community Engagement

Keep the conversation going with your community by engaging them through customised online conversations

Tracking and Monitoring

Maximise your impact by reviewing performance reports and adjusting content strategy according to real-time feedback

Our case studies:

Anyone can put their brand on social media, but only well-managed social media accounts can be great. We’ll harness the power of algorithms and ample data – from clicks to impressions – to deliver concrete results that will boost your brand to the next level.

How we do it:

Kickoff Meeting

Align all stakeholders and establish clear objectives

Content Development

Develop content themes and narratives that connect to social occasions and developments


Establish flighting schedules to keep your content on track and optimise impact

Media Buying

We plan for ad-buys across media platforms that fit your budget, and schedule them

Community Management

Respond to DMs, comments, tags, and key conversations that are happening across your social media platfoms

Our case studies:

Thinking of a multi-channel approach to raising awareness for your cause? We’ve got you covered for that, too. Print, digital, or both, our strategies are tailored to help you create meaningful connections with your audience.

How we do it:


Align on brand strategy and positioning, define audience and campaign goals

Identify Campaign Platforms

Identify the best marketing channels to bring your message across to your specific audience

Content Development

Create key content pillars and develop content customised across all platforms

Workflow and Timeline Plan

We manage work process and schedules to ensure that content is activated in a timely and relevant fashion

Monitoring and Review

Continuous monitoring allows us to make fast and critical adjustments as the campaign develops

Our case studies:

Every brand wants to build a strong relationship with the public and its stakeholders. That’s something we can help with – whether it’s media relations, public affairs, community relations, or internal communications.

How we do it:

Determine PR Goals

To set public relations goals and ensure alignment with business goals and mission


Assess public opinions and media reports

Audience and Channels

Identify target groups to communicate with, the core issues they are concerned about, and the best platforms on which to connect with them

Message Building

Develop your key messages through the message grid and a series of interactive workshops to ensure that your messaging is always on track

Our case studies:

Your response during a crisis can make or break your brand. We’ll break it down for you – everything from how to be proactive to staying cool in front of the cameras.

How we do it:

Proactive Crisis Communications Plan

Comprehensive review of the brand across online media, social media, product offerings, and touch points to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities

Reactive Crisis Communications Strategy

As events unfold and new trends emerge, we help you identify opportunities to have your voice heard to weigh in on what matters

Spokesperson Briefing

We help you process new developments quickly and provide guidance on how to frame your key messages as you engage with the media

Media Relations

We help you create a solid media plan with newsworthy story angles that journalists will find compelling

Media Monitoring

We provide automated daily reports of online and social media monitoring to ensure that you are always on top of media developments and brand mentions


Our team of veteran journalists share the wealth of their experience through corporate training workshops and personalised media coaching.

How should you engage the media? What makes a good communication strategy? What should you do (or not do) in a crisis? Instead of googling, ask us. We have the experience to tell you what works and what doesn’t, and in which contexts. Talk to us, and we will customise training workshops for you.

How we do it:

Set Workshop Goals

Let us know what you would like your team to learn regarding media and communications and we will align with you on your corporate training goals

Content Development

Establish learning outcomes and framework to ensure that your goals are met

Learning Experience Design

We design thoughtful, hands-on, and interactive sessions that help your team reinforce their learning

Workshop Training

Our team will deliver an engaging workshop session that taps on the best of our media experience


We review the workshops with you to determine your next steps to further develop your staff in the area of communications

Our case studies:

Facing the media may not always be an easy task. We get it. With a little coaching, though, you’ll know exactly what to say and when to say it. Now isn’t that a neat party trick?

How we do it:

Set Coaching Goals

Tell us what public speaking issues you face and how you would like to grow

Coaching Roadmap

We customise a coaching plan for you that suits your needs and schedule

Coaching Sessions

Through interactive and practical sessions, learn proven techiques to help you deal confidently with the media to make sure your message comes across clearly


Develop content pillars and key messages that resonate with your audience

Our case studies: