Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Energy Market Company (EMC)

Illuminating the evolution of the energy sector

The Brief

Commemorate the 20th anniversary of EMA and the National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS) by crafting two commemorative publications and a video that retells their highly complex and technical history in a palatable way. We had to add spark to a seemingly dull subject.

The Work

We hunted for stories that would excite, trawling through old speeches, newspaper articles, and annual reports, and conducting extensive interviews with individuals within the organisation. The outcome: well- designed commemorative publications and a video that paid tribute to the most significant events in the history of EMA and NEMS, strung together with a compelling narrative.

The Results

By making their work accessible to the average person, we allowed Singaporeans to appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping their lights on and maintaining a dynamic energy market. The books also serve as important historical documents, chronicling a crucial time in Singapore’s energy story as it strives for a low-carbon future.

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