Ministry of Health (MOH)

Unmasking the face of healthcare

The Brief

When COVID-19 hit, our cool-as-cucumbers ministers made regular appearances on TV and took to social media to calm the nation. But behind them was a team of “unsung heroes” who remained largely hidden from the public eye. MOH approached us to rectify that – through a book that would shine the spotlight on the thousands of healthcare workers working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that Singapore beat the virus.

The Work

In Behind the Mask: Our Healthcare Story, we documented Singapore’s three-year pandemic journey and featured exclusive stories to personalise the narrative surrounding Singapore’s healthcare workers – after powering our way through more than 60 interviews with doctors, nurses, contract tracers, swabbers, temperature screeners, medical social workers, and other frontline staff.

The Results

This sleekly-designed commemorative book was distributed to 10,000 healthcare professionals and partners across Singapore as a token of appreciation. An interactive digital version was made available online to share with Singaporeans the stories of countless anonymous heroes shaping our healthcare system. We’d also like to think that we wrote a playbook of sorts for future generations, should another crisis occur…

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