Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE)

Mapping the path to zero waste

The Brief

Consolidate Singapore’s green ambitions into a 90-page Zero Waste Masterplan report that would set the context of its ambitious goal to divert waste away from the landfill, document progress, and outline plans for the future. Simply put, we had to tell a story about rubbish in an appealing way.

Zerowaste ng_books-1873
The Work

We broke down jargon and explained the details of Singapore’s zero waste journey in a clear, concise – some may say clean – manner. And we distilled complicated concepts into beautiful visuals and graphics. The end product felt more like a magazine, with its neat aesthetics. Upcycling, done The Nutgraf way.

The Results

A first-of-its-kind corporate publication that acts as the cornerstone of Singapore’s zero waste efforts, guiding the nation towards a more sustainable future for years to come.

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