The Brief

We served as NLB’s trusted media consultant by sharing our decades of experience in the media industry, as well as writing and editing their reports and communications materials. We are also the public agency’s strategic communications advisor, offering our views on a range of issues to support NLB on their journey to transform libraries and archives.

The Work

Since 2015, we have produced thought leadership pieces together, lost count of the number of press releases we mulled over, and seen our fair share of social media projects, including a Faces of NLB campaign which we launched and love. We continue to be their go-to communications and media consultant, and have conducted multiple workshops on media matters such as Crisis Communications and How to Write a Press Release.

The Results

We made NLB’s content and initiatives come to life, strengthening their organisational voice, communication and branding strategies, and ultimate vision of nurturing a love for reading and learning in the community. In return, we got unlimited book loans. Just kidding!

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