The Brief

Singapore may be a small country, but we have no shortage of muscle-men and women gunning for top honours in the sporting world. Our job was to produce content for SNOC – both online and in print – to showcase Singapore’s commitment to being a sporting nation through its journey with sports and the Olympic movement.

Fiyah ng_books-1962
The Work

Our athleticism might not rival Team Singapore, but our strength lies in our words. We spotlighted some of Singapore’s most accomplished athletes through riveting articles on SNOC’s content hub, published two books on Singapore’s history with the Olympic movement: Project 0812 and Ready, Set, Fiyah!, and even travelled to Buenos Aires and Lausanne to cover two Youth Olympic Games.

The Results
With the country’s growing love for sports and success in the Olympic Games, our stories kept readers at the forefront of Team Singapore news, fostering greater national pride and awareness towards our athletes and sports at large.
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